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April 20, 2009

I joined Wardrobe Refashion… finally

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Ok Ok, I did it -I did it.
I signed up for *gulp* 4 months at Wardrobe Refashion – couldn’t quite come at 6 months just yet – although really I kinda should sign up for life. Actually the whole movement should be called “lifestyle refashion”, because really it kinda either justifies the life you are already living or if you are like me – it means I will totally have to adjust my life and get on with things, like not spending, sewing and learning to crochet before I turn 50. Yes it seems like a long way off but I have had brand new unused crochet needles and patterns for over 6 years so far…

And there we were today and I nearly bought TheFairy overpriced pants produced in China. It wasn’t signing up to refashion that stopped me – it was just that she doesn’t like anything that is “stiff” ie. jeans, cords, cargos. So if I don’t want her to live in tracksuit pants, I’ll have to make her some “soft” trousers in a colour combo pattern she likes. The easy part is the sewing, the difficult part is finding something she will still like by the time I have actually made it. The other option is just to make stuff and then give it to her… nah, maybe not it could get personal if it took me ages to make it. Her favourite colours this week are “black, red and green – like a christmas tree”. Crap. I mean I’m really glad she likes black again, it was a hard 2 years while she thought she liked “Barbie” pink, but having bought her red and black fabric for her room, and then having to endure pink and purples for a year or two and then her 6 month obsession with strawberries, to turn full circle back to red and black again, I’m a bit nervous about making her anything. Still, I can always give it to TheStar who doesn’t care (yet).


March 17, 2009

Oops, stuffed it already!

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It doesn’t count that the two things I bought today are going to be adjusted and one is being used to refashion something else. It doesn’t count that they were cheap.
They were brand new (BAD girl) a-a-a-nd even worse they were cheap Asian imports so made in some horrible sweat shop and they were so cheap I’m sure that it costs someone somewhere far more to have them (BAD BAD girl), I dont’ need them (BAD x3 girl) and we don’t have money for this sort of thing no matter what they cost (BAD x4 girl). So I had just bloody better do something with them huh? Cause it’s not like I don’t have a several crates full of stuff I “could do something with”. *sigh*

The above news is so bad, the fact that I finally hemmed and took up a skirt really isn’t on the radar…but I did. And now I can wear it…Pic soon just for the heck of it..

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