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September 27, 2009


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It’s been a while! BUT still haven’t bought any new clothes…I keep looking and either think it will look foul on me or keep feeling guilty that – “I could make that” or “I’ve got one of those” and so on. BUT I do want new red strappy sandals for summer, I have put my order in with the moneyman.

I think we have bought our last lot of disposable nappies. TheStar has been toilet trained during the day for quite a while now, so we have been trying to use cloth at night but if you don’t wash it can catch up on you – time for bed and no nappy! Anyway, I have bought a big bag of cheapo disposables but the aim is to use the cloth nappies and night and not ever ever have to buy disposable again. I think we are almost there!


May 11, 2009


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Ok – a VERY successful thrift purchase with which to begin the pledge – Black, ankle boots- leather, brand new, fit perfectly, and only $5AUD! (that’s $2.50 or less for our OS compatriots…) The absolute best part about this purchase is that I really did want a pair of these boots and had used a lot of willpower (and reminders of lack of money and credit) to resist purchasing a pair last time at the shops. Also purchased a fantastic T-shirt for my nephew but dang! forgot to get a photo. Orange with a superduper picture of astronauts standing on a kind of cloud…, and a cute, little, white, short-sleeved blouse for Seconda – And they were only $5 too.

However went browsing at the local “lifeline” and was sorely disappointed at range, quality, and PRICE -everything was really expensive. There is NO way I’m paying $6 for a second-hand t-shirt when a new one costs $8!! and is exactly what I want. So if you live in Sydney, Australia WHERE are the good op shops? especially on the north/east side of CBD?

April 26, 2009

Home Made Soap

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Oooh, I’m becoming a regular depression era penny pincher. If you knew me, you’d know how funny it is that I made my own soap. It’s the kind of cheats version as I didn’t actually make the base soap, but it means that we have about a year’s supply of liquid soap for the cost of 4 bars ($2.52 from Aldi). The first refill looked and felt like pale cream snot, the next refill from the same batch was heaps better just through having sat/settled for some time on the shelf.

Home Made Liquid Soap

Grate up one bar of soap.

Boil it with 14 -16 cups of water

Let cool, and stir lots before it sets.

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