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June 2, 2009

Yeehaw! 2nd refashion

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I did it – i did it! I refashioned my opshop purchase into a skirt for TheStar! I planned to do it and I did. I want to sing that song from My Fair Lady (she’s got it! Indeed she does or whatever it’s called) Seriously – to actually carry through with something is very exciting for me – especially after 6-9 months of depression – to do something I wanted to do is very pleasing. Plus it’s just such a damn cute skirt man! And how do I know it fits? Well I tried it on her…yes, it’s 12.30am and she’s asleep but you know you just fit in on over Pjs and it all seems good! (thank goodness my children would sleep through the second coming… the number of things I just “have” to do at whatever time of night like moving shelves, decluttering their wardrobe or trying skirts on their sleepy bodies).

So anyway, it was a ladies halter top, and I cut off the top bit and shaped the sides a bit to get a parallelogram sort of a-line skirtish shape, and added elastic.Not quite as simple as it sounds it was little fiddly to get the shape right. This is the action shot – Star is “very sad” that I’m taking her picture!


May 18, 2009

Thrifted and crochet..

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I want to learn to crochet, I need to learn to crochet…I WILL learn to crochet…sometime. This is my goal this year actually to learn to crochet.  I bought the needle, the books and patterns, the wool so long ago, it was even pre-children! Heaps of people use crocheting for edges of things, and it looks so rad. Also, I want to make kitschy crochet squares with a sense of humour and put them on everything! I wonder if there is a pattern for white with red star for TheStar’s room? Now THAT would be way cool,  Jennifer.

Some more thrifting,  I LOVE red and white, but I didn’t realise I had shopped this colour theme till I got home and looked at them all! The halter/tube tops are skirts for TheStar, the hooded jumper a dress for her as well, and the shirt which is the biggest shirt I have ever seen in my life and is a ladies, well there’s quite a few things that could be done! Not sure if it’s a dress for me a.k.a. as it’s actually big enough,  or if I make TheStar one of Dana’s shirt dresses, then I could use the leftovers for a two-for-one that a shortsleeved black jumper is begging to become…. Hmm.

May 11, 2009


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Ok – a VERY successful thrift purchase with which to begin the pledge – Black, ankle boots- leather, brand new, fit perfectly, and only $5AUD! (that’s $2.50 or less for our OS compatriots…) The absolute best part about this purchase is that I really did want a pair of these boots and had used a lot of willpower (and reminders of lack of money and credit) to resist purchasing a pair last time at the shops. Also purchased a fantastic T-shirt for my nephew but dang! forgot to get a photo. Orange with a superduper picture of astronauts standing on a kind of cloud…, and a cute, little, white, short-sleeved blouse for Seconda – And they were only $5 too.

However went browsing at the local “lifeline” and was sorely disappointed at range, quality, and PRICE -everything was really expensive. There is NO way I’m paying $6 for a second-hand t-shirt when a new one costs $8!! and is exactly what I want. So if you live in Sydney, Australia WHERE are the good op shops? especially on the north/east side of CBD?

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