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September 27, 2009


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It’s been a while! BUT still haven’t bought any new clothes…I keep looking and either think it will look foul on me or keep feeling guilty that – “I could make that” or “I’ve got one of those” and so on. BUT I do want new red strappy sandals for summer, I have put my order in with the moneyman.

I think we have bought our last lot of disposable nappies. TheStar has been toilet trained during the day for quite a while now, so we have been trying to use cloth at night but if you don’t wash it can catch up on you – time for bed and no nappy! Anyway, I have bought a big bag of cheapo disposables but the aim is to use the cloth nappies and night and not ever ever have to buy disposable again. I think we are almost there!


April 20, 2009

And now Handmade as well?

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I Took The Handmade Pledge! BuyHandmade.orgSo I’ve also pledged…which means that not only can I not buy my clothes at the mall, but gifts too. Anyway, this is all about trying and aiming to do this. Sometimes it may not work and that’s ok. And yes, I’m full of energy and a little teeny bit manic today…

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