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Old MeI have always been a fan of shopping. Even grocery shopping. Recently I discovered that when my husband says we have “no money” it actually means that after the mortgage is paid and we buy milk and bread, “we have no money”. I also decided that the way I have been shopping isn’t that great for the environment either – plastic bags, cheap Asian imports, cluttered house. So in the interests of my bank account firstly, I have decided I need to adjust my life.

So what is it about shopping I like? I like picking nice things out of other nice things, I like the idea that I might find something perfect and life changing (such as a skirt that makes me look like a total star, or the ultimate gadget that will sort my home, or whatever). I feel good when I’m shopping, I like the feeling of being someone special for those 10seconds where I hand over my money. Unfortunately I just haven’t been getting the same “happy hit” from this addiction, so I’m looking for alternative ways to meet those needs above – like feeling totally special when I bring in my own home grown vegies from the garden.

Using Wardrobe Refashion, Buy Handmade, op shops, gardening and community markets I will attempt to curb the less desirable aspects of my shopping urge, and meet my needs in less financially and environmentally damaging ways. It will as always, be baby steps because if I want to make a change endure, I need to adjust slowly and carefully.


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