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June 2, 2009

Yeehaw! 2nd refashion

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I did it – i did it! I refashioned my opshop purchase into a skirt for TheStar! I planned to do it and I did. I want to sing that song from My Fair Lady (she’s got it! Indeed she does or whatever it’s called) Seriously – to actually carry through with something is very exciting for me – especially after 6-9 months of depression – to do something I wanted to do is very pleasing. Plus it’s just such a damn cute skirt man! And how do I know it fits? Well I tried it on her…yes, it’s 12.30am and she’s asleep but you know you just fit in on over Pjs and it all seems good! (thank goodness my children would sleep through the second coming… the number of things I just “have” to do at whatever time of night like moving shelves, decluttering their wardrobe or trying skirts on their sleepy bodies).

So anyway, it was a ladies halter top, and I cut off the top bit and shaped the sides a bit to get a parallelogram sort of a-line skirtish shape, and added elastic.Not quite as simple as it sounds it was little fiddly to get the shape right. This is the action shot – Star is “very sad” that I’m taking her picture!


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  1. Very clever!!!!

    I love the pop of contrast with Star’s little green socks. What an angel!

    Comment by Deborah-lee — June 10, 2009 @ 5:48 am

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