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May 11, 2009


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Ok – a VERY successful thrift purchase with which to begin the pledge – Black, ankle boots- leather, brand new, fit perfectly, and only $5AUD! (that’s $2.50 or less for our OS compatriots…) The absolute best part about this purchase is that I really did want a pair of these boots and had used a lot of willpower (and reminders of lack of money and credit) to resist purchasing a pair last time at the shops. Also purchased a fantastic T-shirt for my nephew but dang! forgot to get a photo. Orange with a superduper picture of astronauts standing on a kind of cloud…, and a cute, little, white, short-sleeved blouse for Seconda – And they were only $5 too.

However went browsing at the local “lifeline” and was sorely disappointed at range, quality, and PRICE -everything was really expensive. There is NO way I’m paying $6 for a second-hand t-shirt when a new one costs $8!! and is exactly what I want. So if you live in Sydney, Australia WHERE are the good op shops? especially on the north/east side of CBD?


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  1. I’m not sure about the North/East sides of Sydney, but I have a friend who always shops for her clothes in op shops.

    She swears by the Anglicans and presbyterians (umm not sure which shop they ran).

    She said that St Vinnies is the most expensive.

    When I used to work in Penrith it used to have loads of good stuff. The lady there explained that the clothes donated on the North Shore don’t stay there, incase it’s a home made/rare item and people pointing at someone walking down the street with “oh, I used to own that!!” Seems some of the stuff from the North Shore ended up in Penrith!! I bet the North Shore gets the Eastern Suburbs stuff though!!!

    Newtown has heaps of second hand stores, but those have got expensive. Loads of locals go to Marrickville now where I think they have about 5 different second hand stores (maybe more??) and a couple more a few blocks up the road in Dulwich Hill (Salvos, St Vinnies).

    Comment by Deborah-lee — May 15, 2009 @ 9:09 pm

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