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February 9, 2009

Day One – It’s begun

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I’ve been thinking about Wardrobe Refashion for some time now. I like the whole idea of not buying new etc. However, it has been kind of forced on me as due to my habit of spending on anything and everything – well we now officially have NO money. No really. If either of us get sick for longer than a week our house is at risk and we’d have to sell our car or something. 6 month pledge Without a doubt, or any shadow of matyrdom – this is my fault, especially the size of my credit card debt which I have helpfully shared with my husband. So I’m guessing I’m the one that needs to fix it. Pity – I really wanted some new grey shoes…maybe I can find them second hand somewhere.. anyone a size 6.5 to 7 (38) with a lovely pair of grey mid high heels? So here we go, it doesn’t officially begin until April 15th, but due to our rather desperate circumstances I need to start now. And I need to start sewing so maybe, maybe this will help. Such a shame I hate the smell of second hand clothing shops. I was thinking for 2 months (ie. till 9th May) but this really needs to be a way of life I’m thinking, especially if I want baby number 3 before I turn 45! So there’s definitely the clothing side, but also everything else. Today I refused to buy icecreams, which was met by great loud cries of disappointment and an accusation of cruelty (G is such a drama-queen!) and we had iceblocks at home (made early this morning at about 3.30am while I was in manic mode) and a promise of icecream in a bowl with choc sauce after dinner. I’m really not that cruel… but I just have to convince her of that. Just gotta work out how to add “buttons and things” to this as I’m a kinda girl.


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